Portraits can be a divisive topic among photographers. Some folks enjoy the ease of working with a posing subject, while others find the results a bit too contrived. I count myself in the former camp, though my approach is often a little unorthodox ūüôÉ I prefer natural, available light sources to studio lighting or a … More Portraits

Whistler, CA

Fall has all but come and gone which means this year’s Automattic Grand Meetup is just a few weeks behind us. The company returned to Whistler, Canada, though this was my first time in the region as I missed last year’s meetup to attend a friend’s wedding. Having been two years since seeing most of … More Whistler, CA


I’ve been to Scotland before. Following a work trip in 2015 I spent a short time coworking and traveling around Europe with my pal Clicky Steve¬†who was nice enough to let me crash at his place in Glasgow for a few days. Now, a couple of years later and on the way to another professional … More Edinburgh

Rottnest Island

After roughly a week and a half in Australia, we spent my last full day on the continent checking off another item from my trip’s bucket list. We set off Monday morning to take the train back down to Fremantle, then caught a ferry to a small island off the coast of Perth known as … More Rottnest Island

Part 2: The March to Mordor

The enormous volume of people crowded together in one place¬†rendered cell towers all but dysfunctional¬†which made it tough to get my bearings. After crossing a few more¬†blocks of marchers at a standstill, I¬†finally came across a group that was making some progress¬†(if rather¬†slowly) heading West along 42nd street, and I joined up with them. Access … More Part 2: The March to Mordor

This Is What Democracy Looks Like!

On Saturday, I joined the 400,000¬†people in New York City (and the¬†over 3 million people across the country and around the globe) marching not only for women’s rights, but also in direct protest of the recently inaugurated 45th President and his¬†party’s insidiously dangerous platform. It’s rather difficult to¬†put the experience into words, but suffice it … More This Is What Democracy Looks Like!

New Year’s Eve

At long last, 2016 has finally come to an end¬†and the new year could not begin quickly enough. As rough as the past 12 months have been, it’s important to remember that we have some very challenging times ahead, but for a few hours on December 31st we can be forgiven for setting our worries … More New Year’s Eve

Vintage Subway

Each year during the holidays, the MTA takes a break from its usual¬†soul-crushing inefficiency to treat New Yorkers to a bit of subway nostalgia by operating a handful of vintage train cars around the city. I’ve seen them in passing over the years, but never took¬†the opportunity¬†to have a closer look, but¬†this year was a … More Vintage Subway

Fujifilm X-T1

Back in September Fujifilm released the X-T2, the latest in their professional tier of X Series mirrorless cameras. Coming in at $700 cheaper (thanks to a generous sale¬†in light of this new release) now seemed like a great time to pick up the T2’s predecessor,¬†the X-T1. Given this relatively hefty discount,¬†it seemed like a reasonable¬†choice … More Fujifilm X-T1

Life with Lightroom

It took me about a year, but I finally bit the bullet and began a subscription¬†for Adobe’s Creative Cloud, complete with Lightroom and Photoshop. I’ve always tried to avoid a heavily¬†processed look in¬†my images (mostly because I didn’t know I what I was doing), but after just a few weeks of playing with the software¬†I’m … More Life with Lightroom