This Is What Democracy Looks Like!

On Saturday, I joined the 400,000 people in New York City (and the over 3 million people across the country and around the globe) marching not only for women’s rights, but also in direct protest of the recently inaugurated 45th President and his party’s insidiously dangerous platform.

It’s rather difficult to put the experience into words, but suffice it to say that in light of the hugely negative campaign season this past year it was incredible to be surrounded by so many people with nothing but warmth, positivity, hope, and determination in their eyes. If there were ever any doubts that Trump’s policies would go unopposed, let the fervor I saw on the streets of my city and around the country put those concerns to rest.

Of course this single march, no matter how unifying and cathartic it was, is only the beginning. What’s needed now is sustained opposition over the next four years until every woman, every immigrant, every person of color, every underprivileged citizen in this country is allowed the same rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution that have for so long been reserved for a privileged few.

I joined the march over the weekend with two cameras, three lenses, and a handful of spare batteries, and did my best to document the energy radiating up from the streets of midtown Manhattan. The plan was for the march to begin on 46th Street & 2nd Ave, and walk the three avenues west, and nine blocks north to Trump Tower on 55th & 5th Ave. The turnout was so massive, however, that the crowed filled up the entire route and began spilling out into other streets.

When I arrived around noon, it wasn’t so much a march as it was an unmoving mass of people spanning over 20 city blocks chanting in unison that love trumps hate. After about 45 minutes of being stuck on the same block, I got restless and tried to make my way towards Trump Tower, but that was easier said than done. Below are the photos from the initial “holding area” on 2nd Ave to give you a peek at what was happening around the city.

More photos from the rest of the march coming soon!
























5 thoughts on “This Is What Democracy Looks Like!

  1. Woah, that’s incredible. I really like how you’ve captured the march, without leaving out the crucial details. It must have been amazing to be in that crowd, I look forward to seeing more photos. 🙂

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