The Great Bridge

This 4th of July weekend has ended up being a stay-cation for me, and with the few nice moments of sunshine we’ve had in the city so far I decided to head into Manhattan on Saturday for a quick photowalk which is something I feel like I haven’t done in ages.

My first stop was the Lower East Side where I was expecting to get some great candid portraits, but the streets were surprisingly empty for a gorgeous Saturday afternoon. I’m sure people were spending the day at the beach or the park, but mostly it seemed like everyone was crammed into bars watching Germany and Italy face off in the Euro 2016 quarter-finals (Germany seized the day 6 – 5 in an epic shootout!)

Disappointed with the all but deserted streets, I figured I’d head further south towards Chinatown before catching the train home.DSCF3771.jpgDSCF3753DSCF3765DSCF3766DSCF3776DSCF3780DSCF3785DSCF3787DSCF3801DSCF3809DSCF3810DSCF3814DSCF3816

As I crossed Canal street, I caught a glimpse of the iconic towers of the Brooklyn Bridge and decided to walk back to my home borough rather than take the train. It’s been years since I crossed the bridge on foot and I’ve been meaning to do it again ever since reading ‘The Great Bridge‘ by David McCollough a couple of years ago which details the construction of the granite behemoth.

It was insanely crowded as one would imagine, but it’s one of the few places in New York where I don’t mind feeling like a tourist. The views are incredible and the absence of any excessive (or at least, visible) 21st century safety features give the entire experience a slightly rustic vibe.


By the time I reached the Brooklyn side of the bridge the sun was already beginning to set. After a quick refueling stop at Shake Shack, I made my way through Brooklyn Bridge park then to the Promenade to catch the last glimmer of sunshine before it dipped below the Manhattan skyline.


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