Montréal: Deuxième Partie

As is the case with most of my meetups, any semblance of chronology is lost as the week becomes a blur of work, food, and intermingling with coworkers I only see for about 1 month out of the year. However, at some point we managed to scramble onto a bus and ascend Mount Royal which overlooks the city and provides a pretty breathtaking skyline view of Montréal. It was also the hottest day of the week…

It seemed like both locals and tourists alike were taking advantage of the gorgeous weather to climb the “mountain,” which made for a pretty interesting group of people milling about in the sun to take selfies, practice unicycling, and play piano outdoors.


In general, the nightlife in Montréal was super fun and pretty similar to that of Brooklyn (aside from the countless French speakers). Though, of all the theme bars I’ve visited in my time, I’d never been to one with an indoor skate bowl!


The weather started to cool down significantly towards the tail end of the meetup and we spent most of our remaining time focused on wrapping up all the work we had done during the week before heading our separate ways.

We stopped by a perfectly French restaurant for our last group meal, complete with live jazz and gourmet poutine. It wasn’t a leisurely walk back to the hotel in the icy rain, but the sights and sounds of Montréal reflecting off of the wet cobblestone streets was a pretty great way to end the trip.


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