Industry City: Zoomed

With the prospect of lingering Spring weather becoming a reality, I thought this weekend would be a good opportunity to try out my newest zoom lens; the Fuji XC 50-230mm. It’s a fairly entry-level lens, but its light weight and image stabilization make it ideal for street photography at a distance. I headed back over to Bush Terminal Park now … More Industry City: Zoomed

Bush Terminal Park

I’m usually a bit reluctant to do any street photography in my own neighborhood lest I annoy the other residents, but the lighting was too good to pass up today and I decided to venture down to Bush Terminal Park on the edge of the Bay Ridge Channel. Hidden on the far side of the industrial zone in Sunset … More Bush Terminal Park

Jonas Part 2

I woke up to the sound of shovels scraping against the sidewalk this morning and decided to check out the aftermath of what may very well be the largest snow storm in NYC history since 1869. As the city begins to dig itself out from under the almost 30 inches of snow before the weekend … More Jonas Part 2

Winter Storm Jonas

I’m not sure if it was inspiration from DiCaprio’s turn as the tenacious frontiersman in The Revenant, or just an adolescent desire to stomp around in the fluffy stuff, but as Jonas continued to dump snow knee deep in Sunset Park, I grabbed my expensive electronic camera and headed out into the squall to document … More Winter Storm Jonas