12 Hours in Philly

This past weekend I got on a bus and made my way west for a day trip to the City of Brotherly Love. I’ve never actually spent any significant amount of time there and, more importantly, my friends Alex and Aremo moved out that way almost a year ago and I had yet to pay them a visit!

With no real game plan and only half of a day to spare, I spent most of my time wandering the streets with my camera, pushing through tourists who seemed to be celebrating St. Patrick’s day early (which is apparently a thing in Philadelphia), and trying to check out as many of the sights as possible before meeting up with my friends for drinks and catching the midnight bus back to NYC.

This was the first time using my new Fuji X-E1 beyond taking test shots so I wasn’t feeling super confident, but I’m really happy with how the colors turned out and, as ever, it was a joy to use.


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